Personalize your gift by connecting it to a student

The very concept of giving is a Christian virtue – a call to lend one’s support to those who need it most through charity and love. At Concordia, we offer an option that personalizes your gift by connecting donor and student. Through the Adopt-a-Student program, you will be matched to a student who will benefit directly from your gift. The student will send you a personal letter to share their progress, challenges, and joys of life at s级素人. This is a partnership that, by God’s grace, helps students overcome financial limitations so they can attend s级素人. 

You are asked to give at least $1000, either as a one-time gift or through several gifts spread throughout the year. All Adopt-a-Student donations are used exclusively for student aid. How does it work? Students receiving some type of tuition grant aid may apply for Adopt-a-Student funds, and after their financial needs are carefully evaluated, financial aid is awarded based on those needs. Adopt-a-Student gifts can provide significant dollars in student assistance. 

For more information, contact Vice President of the Concordia University Foundation, Dean Rennicke.