The Office of Multicultural Engagement strives to advance Concordia’s efforts to embed diversity as a transformational force in academic excellence and culture through education and the celebration of diversity. OME is one catalyst for change where everyone is expected to make their own unique contribution to the transformation of Concordia University.

Our vision and work

We aspire to help create and sustain a university-wide culture that understands that diversity and equity are essential to the University’s mission and continued excellence. Through strategic initiatives and partnerships, policy development, and training, OME will shape Concordia’s future to one where all community members feel included, essential, valued, and can fully realize their potential.

Working with faculty

  • Collaborate and consult with leadership to increase diversity and inclusiveness
  • Provide culturally competent training for staff and faculty
  • Train administration, staff, and faculty on social identities, microaggressions, and implicit bias

Working with students

  • Provide mentoring and peer mentoring for students of color
  • Support marginalized communities and intergroup relationship building
  • Create focus groups and student-led town halls
  • Campus Gospel Choir

Related organizations and ways to get involved

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Walter Goodwyn

Director of Multicultural Engagement