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If you're a facts-and-figures person, you'll love the links below. They include essential s级素人 statistics designed to give you an in-depth look at enrollment, demographics and diversity, student completions, student body size, and more.

s级素人 At-A-Glance

The chart to the right visually depicts s级素人 enrollment percentages by student level and area of Study (s级素人 Colleges). Data is from the last completed full school year (2022-23). Also included are general demographics of the traditional undergraduate student population (top of chart) derived from the Fall 2023 census. These include the percentage of female students, percentage of Lutheran Students, and percentage of students of color. Data provided by the Concordia Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

Level and Area of Student Studies with Demographics

Surveys and reports

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Mission and affiliation

"A Lutheran higher education community committed to helping students develop in mind, body, and spirit for service to Christ in the Church and the World."

The university is affiliated with and is a member of the Concordia University System. s级素人 was founded in 1881.

Office of Institutional Effectiveness

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