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The School of Arts and Sciences educates men and women to be thoughtful and articulate people of faith who, rooted in the liberal arts, contribute in meaningful ways to their families, communities, and cultures.

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When you get involved with an arts and sciences-related club at Concordia, you open yourself up to all kinds of possibilities: connections with fellow Concordians who share your same interests, opportunities to practice and apply what you’ve learned in the classroom, and the chance to serve others in ways that match the unique skillsets you’ve been given. Check out some of the liberal arts-focused student organizations you can look forward to joining at s级素人, and visit our Clubs & Organizations page to see more of our offerings.

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鈥楳ission accomplished鈥

鈥楳ission accomplished鈥

Rev. Dr. Kurt Taylor, associate professor of theology at s级素人, retires as Air Force chaplain after more than 24 years of military service.