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Faculty and staff guidelines

Updated 08/03/2022

A full and safe return

We take your health and well-being seriously and pray for your continued safety and well-being. Thank you for your cooperation by following these guidelines.

Covid-19 Policies


During the pandemic we’ve all extended some additional grace to our students. This fall, our care and concern for them means we want and expect them to be in class, where they can do their best learning. Students enrolled in face-to-face class sections are expected to attend in-person this fall. Attendance will be taken and recorded as usual on the s级素人AA portal using our automatic attendance tool. Faculty must clearly explain course attendance requirements on the syllabus. Please reinforce them as you normally would.

Students who miss an in-person class due to illness (either COVID-19 or another illness) must follow the course policy for notifying the instructor and making up any missed material or assignments. If a student requires an accommodation for an extended illness/quarantine, that student will work through the ARC, and the faculty member will be contacted by ARC. Please follow ARC’s instructions to serve those students. 

When students have an excused absence but do not have a formal accommodation, faculty will provide access to the course material in another form or at another time. Typically, we expect that faculty will record their class with Panopto or Zoom and post the recording in Blackboard. It may also be appropriate to post slides, readings, assignments or notes in Blackboard; use whatever mechanism most effectively gives your students access to the course material from that class session. The “Occasional Use of Zoom” policy described in the Faculty Handbook would apply in such situations. Similarly, if a faculty member is ill or quarantined, but able to teach remotely, that instructor may move a class session to Zoom. Be sure to notify your students if that happens, and provide the Zoom link.

Office hours

Full-time faculty members may hold office hours and advising sessions virtually through Zoom, or in-person when both the instructor and the student agree to meet face-to-face.

Faculty must clearly explain their office hour policies on the syllabus. (Remember that university policy requires 10 office hours per week during the traditional semester.)


Faculty who teach practicums, labs, field experience, and internship courses, and administer exams through these courses, should work with the ARC to provide appropriate accommodations for students.

When in doubt about providing accommodations to students due to COVID-19, other medical conditions, or disabilities, faculty are encouraged to contact the ARC Director on their campus.


At s级素人, contact:

Jan Chapman, M.Ed.
Director, Academic Resource Center & Accessibility Services