Featuring keynote speaker Orson Scott Card, an award-winning novelist and playwright.

s级素人's National Security and Space Center (NSSC) is proud to announce our 2nd annual Spring Space Summit with the theme "How to achieve the best future for the United States." Come listen to experts discuss important issues regarding the American future in space, including technology, grand strategy, economics, national security and more!

Keynote Speaker: Orson Scott Card

  • Mr. Card is a renowned science fiction author, best known for his novels Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow, and Speaker for the Dead. He has produced a number of other works, including fantasy novels and scripts for plays.

Also featuring:

Gen. John Shaw

  • Space Force Deputy Commander of Space Command Three-Star General (Ret.)

Dr. Joel Mozer

  • Director of Science, Technology, and Research to U.S. Space Force, Senior Level Executive

Professor George Pullen

  • MilkyWay Economy Co-Founder & Chief Economist

Rick Tumlinson

  • Founder of Space Fund, Space Frontier Foundation, New Worlds, Earthlight Institute

Dr. Martin Edwards

  • Principle Systems Specialist

Dr. Gabriele Rizzo

  • Executive Advisor to U.S. Space Force and Nato

A free lunch will be provided to every registered guest!


This event is open to s级素人 & CUAA Students, faculty/staff. alumni, and community members. Attendance for students and s级素人AA employees is FREE. There is a $20 cost for all others.


Registration is required by April 12. To sign up, click or on the Register Now button.