Understand human nature, faith, and society

You will look at the world through various lenses from economics, history, geography, political science, social science and psychology. You will be able to prepare for a life of service as a teacher with a clear awareness of modern and historical perspectives on these subjects. You will have access to an experienced staff with a curriculum focused on participation in society as productive Christian citizens.

Program Overview

Through a blend of the social sciences, history and humanities, you will learn to guide your students through a myriad of thinking types and social structures. You will get a stronger sense of contemporary and past viewpoints and be able to share insight with your classes into how people relate to the world around them. You will participate in and learn how to lead discourse on civic issues and organize around solutions. Your students can discover how we relate to each other, how we interact as groups and how we organize our thoughts, religion and government.

What to Expect

You will be able to observe and study a wide range of human behavior and apply social and behavioral concepts for groups, institutions, power, government, cultural diversity and identity. The Social Studies Education Minor will ground you in historical methods, U.S. and European history, sociology and cultural geography. It is available in the Early Childhood Education Major or the Elementary/Middle-School Education Major.

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