The language of persuasion

Our public relations program will prepare you in this language of persuasion so that you can bring incredible value to your employer 鈥 whether you鈥檙e working in sports, entertainment, or media, or for a corporation, a non-profit organization, a lobbying group, or political campaign. Public relations has become trickier and trickier in our modern age with the rise of social media, which makes it an incredibly diverse and exciting field of study.

Sample Careers
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Communications Teacher
  • PR Specialist
Financial Aid

The average undergraduate student award is $16,603.

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Program Overview

Concordia’s Bachelor of Science in public relations will prepare you to be an expert communicator and crisis averter. Social media has made this field harder to navigate than ever, which means a degree in public relations is critically in-demand by businesses and employers looking to preserve their own images and, more importantly, their company’s reputations. Without a doubt, there’s never been a more challenging, exciting time to be a PR specialist, whether you’re working in sports, entertainment, media, non-profit, politics, and many other fields

What to Expect

Our public relations program zeroes in on the building blocks of good PR: communication and interpersonal and problem-solving skills. We’ll prepare you to create crisis response plans for product recalls and for negative press to ensure you’ll always stay in front of potential catastrophe. Our program is especially unique in that it combines skills and strategy with Christian ethics. It’s an exciting major that teaches you how to create and maintain a positive public image—and it’s more in-demand than ever before.

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