Make an eternal impact in the world

You know that God has created you with unique gifts and passions. You also know that now, more than ever, people need a hope that is eternal. Our missions program will allow you to develop your talents while considering the challenges you could face in the mission field.

Program Overview

The purpose of this program, offered as a major or minor, is to assist you as you discover the gifts and talents God has given you for service. Although you will not train as a missionary, you will be studying how mission work is accomplished around the globe. A key element of this program is recognizing and deliberating on the challenges that arise in the mission field. Along the way, you’ll have opportunities to participate in spring break mission trips, Missions Club, and global trips that will provide you with hands-on experience.

What to Expect

Neither the missions major or minor is a training program. Mission groups (such as LCMS World Mission) train their own missionaries to prepare for the specific areas where they’ll be sent. The goal of our program at Concordia is to help you decide if God is truly calling you to serve as a missionary.

Some of our theology faculty have experience in mission work and will mentor you as you explore the possibilities. By the end of the program, you’ll be well-acquainted with the urgent need for missionaries and be prepared to decide if and how you want to serve. You’ll also leave with a better understanding of how to work in cross-cultural settings, how to navigate other religions, and how to handle the challenges that come with missionary work.

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