Online Ed.D. with brief in-person residencies to supplement your doctorate

It's about taking your learning and career to the next level. It's about being a strategic thinker and a problem-solver. It's about being purpose-driven and maintaining a focus on your mind, body, and spirit to be a caring and effective leader.

Cost Per Credit$925
Cohort Format

Next cohort starts on June 24, 2024. Apply by May 1!

Online Format

Engage in online courses, discussions, and meetings for your dissertation.

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Program Overview

Inspired by a Christian worldview, stewardship, and service, the mission of the cross-disciplinary LICI doctoral program is to prepare and equip individuals to be lifelong learners and exceptional leaders who will make a positive impact and add value to their vocations and communities.

Students gain knowledge through coursework in three core areas (Leadership, Research, Improvement Science and Innovation) and in elective courses of their choosing. Our dedicated, student-centered faculty are highly committed to facilitating student learning and growth.  

Concordia University offers another doctoral degree with the more research-intensive Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Discover the Doctorate of Philosophy for the LICI program and dive into high-level research.



Who should experience this program?

To be a leader and educator in your industry, you need to be well versed in evidence-based teaching and practice. Our interprofessional curriculum is lead by experts in education, business, and healthcare that will build your skillset to successfully implement new strategies and initiatives that employees and key stakeholders will follow.

Health professionals 
This provides a career pathway to teach health-related courses in higher-education institutions. It is also for individuals in the field of healthcare seeking to learn innovative ways to improve health, lower costs, and enhance the care of patients.

The LICI program is for those in business who want to bring new skills, dispositions, and improvement science to their practice and vocations or are not seeking a DBA.

This is for individuals that have a goal of teaching in higher education or possibly holding administrative positions in technical colleges. This progam fits for current educational professionals looking to become school superintendents. Other education-related careers that will benefit from this advanced degree are admissions officers, development and advancement leaders, other administrative positions, curriculum instructors, and activities and athletic directors. LICI is different than a Ph.D. level program.

What to Expect
  • 60-credit requirement
  • 3-year program
  • Cohort model – You start the program with a specific group and continue with your peers for improved learning and greater collaboration.
  • Online format – This includes courses, group work, cohort discussions, and meetings with faculty.
  • In-person residencies – You are required to attend a residency in your first year of the LICI program, and another residency takes place during your second year in the program.
Dissertation Details

You are assigned a Dissertation Chair at the beginning of the program that will serve as an advisor and mentor. Through regular online check-ins, you will receive feedback and other essential support to stay on track to finish your dissertation as scheduled. You will complete (12) research seminar credits where you will solely focus on your dissertation work.