If you’re looking to share news that will reach audiences beyond our Concordia faculty, staff, and students, you’ve come to the right place.

Our work focuses on pitching story ideas or submitting press releases to the appropriate media outlets or other pre-existing communication channels. We will also feature your news on our campuses’ news sites ( and ) and may choose to feature it on the or s级素人 homepages. When appropriate, we’ll share it on our designated University social media platforms as well.

If your news is more appropriate for an internal audience (i.e. faculty, staff, students), try a Portal request: CUAA/s级素人.

All events must first be communicated on the campus calendar ( / ). If you have a news request related to an event, please complete the Add Event form.

We appreciate you taking the time to share your stories. Filling out this form does not guarantee the event will be publicized, but we will do our best to see that it does. Stories will be approved and rewritten at the discretion of the Concordia University Strategic Communications Team.